Culinary Oils and Vinegars

Suitable herbs are:

nasturtiums (leaves and seeds)
garlic and chives (foliage and flowers)
juniper (berries)
basil tarragon
garlic (cloves)
green ginger

Pack a wide-mouthed glass jar lightly to three quarters of its capacity with the chosen herb or herbs. For vinegars, use cider or wine vinegar. Suitable oils are maize, sunflower or olive oil. Fill the jar with vinegar or oil and cover with plastic wrap. For vinegar, stand the jar on a windowsill or in any sunny place. Oil should be kept out of the sun to prevent its becoming rancid. After 10 days, strain and taste. If not sufficiently potent, return to the jar with more fresh herbs and top up with oil or vinegar. When ready, strain and pour into suitable bottles with a sprig or two of the herb used.