Autumn Salve

1 cup olive oil
Herbs -- see suggestions below
2 ounces beeswax
Essential oils as desired -- lavender or lemon are good

Warm the oil and place the herbs in it. Allow to simmer very gently for a couple of hours till the herbs are starting to get crispy. Strain through a fine stainless steel mesh strainer and return to pot. Add beeswax and melt. Remove from heat and stir in essential oils. Stir and cool, till it barely starts to thicken. Pour into clean jars. Allow to cool. Label.

Suggestions of herbs to use from your garden and from the wild: Comfrey, plantain, calendula, lavender, marshmallow, pine needles, yarrow, chamomile, whatever you can find that's good for skin.

NOTE: Perfect little gift to give, with a nice little label showing all the ingredients and the following uses; Use on skin wounds or abrasions, dry skin, as a lip balm, and as a facial cream. This is a minimum recipe. Just increase it as many times as you like.