Breakfast Oatmeal with Raisins and Walnuts

Recipe Instructions:

1 one-quart jar, decorative label, lid cover
3 cups quick-cooking oatmeal
1/3 maple sugar crystals or other coloured sugar crystals / sprinkles of choice
2 Tbsp dried milk powder [optional consider diary issue]
1 tsp cinnamon or nutmeg
tsp salt
cup raisins
cups of chopped walnuts [or pecans if preferred]

Combine oatmeal, milk powder, [optional] spices and salt. Mix thoroughly in a big bowl.
Pour one third of the mixture into the jar and tap down with the flat end of a rolling pin.
Sprinkle with half the raisins and walnuts. Add one more third of the mixture and tap down again firmly to allow the mixture to work its way between the fruit and nuts. Add the sugar crystal layer, and firm down. [red works well!] Finish with last layer of oatmeal mixture. Add a lid. Decorate and try not to joggle or shake the jar.

Attach to Jar:

Oatmeal with Raisins & Walnuts
serves 6

Add four and a half cups of boiling water to the dry mixture and stir thoroughly. Leave to stand for a few minutes to help absorption and adjust consistency [thickness] Heat in the pan and serve. A slick of maple syrup goes well or a dollop of cream for the truly indulgent.